Mission, Vision And Priority Areas


A Quality health care service that is efficient, accessible, affordable sustainable to all persons living in Zamfara State.

Mission Statements

Advancing health well-being to all persons living in Zamfara State through comprehensive integrated primary health care services

Priority Areas of the Zamfara State Primary Health Care Board

Priority Area 1: Governance & Leadership

  • To institutionalize clear policy directions for Zamfara state primary health care development.
  • To ensure legislation a regulatory framework for health development.
  • To strengthen accountability, transparency responsiveness of Zamfara primary health care Health system.
  • To facilitate the performance of the Zamfara state primary health care system.
  • Institutionalize sustain accountability, transparent

Priority Area 2: Legislation

Priority Area 3: Minimum Service Package (MSP)

  • To ensure universal affordable access to an essential health care package in Zamfara state.
  • To improve the quality of health care services to the general people of Zamfara state.

Priority Area 4: Health Service Delivery

  • Improve access to integrated service delivery towards quality, equitable sustainable health care in the state.

Priority Area 5: Repositioning

  • Strengthen structures implement strategies to address human resource needs in order to enhance its availability as well as ensure equity quality of health care personnel.

Priority Area 6: System Development

  • Strengthen the system to provide effective comprehensive integrated health care services especially the under serve communities.

Priority Area 7: Operational Guideline

  • Operationalization of guidelines that will enable primary health care system to provide quality services.

Priority Area 8: Human Resource for Health

  • Skilled manpower that can provide equitable qualitative primary health care services.
  • Implement portion in accordance of the provision of the law establishing the SPHCB (2010) in respect to its funding.
  • Ensure adequate sustainable funds are allocated available for equitable PHC services.

Priority Area 9: Funding Source & Structure

Priority Area 10: Community Participation & Ownership